JD McPherson “Socks” – Local Artist of the Week

Socks JD McPherson

Our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week is JD McPherson, with his 2018 single “Socks.”

Rockabilly artist JD McPherson originates from his family’s ranch cattle ranch in Oklahoma. McPherson says that living so far from the nearest town or city is what gave him the opportunity to spend all of his time learning how to play music. He draws influence from 1950s rock & blues, through artists such as Little Richard, Pixies, and Led Zepplin. SOCKS is JD’s fourth studio album, but his first and only Christmas album. It’s a comedic testament to the holiday season through the lens of old-school R&B.

“Socks,” the title track of the album, is sung from the perspective of someone who’s really disappointed about their Christmas gift. With lyrics like, “Socks, This is the worst gift I ever got, It doesn’t beep or buzz or bop or rattle in the box, Hey, why’d you waste the paper on a lousy pair of socks?” This song can appeal to both younger and older listeners. The instrumentation is slow and jazzy, making it feel like an older Blues-y Christmas album from Elvis or Bing Crosby. This is the perfect song to listen to near a cozy fire while laughing along to the track- ideally in your best pair of Christmas socks.

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Listen to “Socks” below!

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