Jess Williamson – “Hunter”: Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week


Jayson’s DJ Pick this week is “Hunter” by Jess Williamson! The Texas born LA based musician recently released “Hunter” as the first single from her new record Time Ain’t Accidental. In her most recent body of work, Williamson collaborated with Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee. Together they produced an album called I Walked With You A Ways under the moniker Plains. The album, received critical acclaim for its “feminine confidence, camaraderie, and collection of country bangers and ballads.” Prior to this project, Williamson had released two albums, Cosmic Wink (2018) and Sorceress (2020), under Mexican Summer. Feeling ready for a change, Williamson was eager to move in a different direction with Time Ain’t Accidental.

Following a prolonged split with a romantic partner and collaborator at the beginning of the pandemic, her album grapples with themes of loss, solitude, love, and self-recovery. This record marks a significant transformation for Williamson. As an individual and artist, she has become empowered and transformed by newfound inner strength. Now being on the other side, “Hunter” relates to that time in her life as she surfaces in the opening line “I’ve been thrown to the wolves and they ate me raw.” Her voice is strong, clear, front and center, as she sits comfortably on the other side empowered by the past. “Hunter” merges conventional country instruments with contemporary digital effects and sounds. The track creates a unique blend of sound that reflects the distinctive energies of her Texan origin and life in LA.

Catch Williamson playing The Basement May 19th and 20th!

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