Jill Andrews “Connection” – Local Artist of the Week

Jill Andrews Connection

This week’s Frothy Monkey local artist of the week is Jill Andrews.  From her latest album Modern Age, we’re spinning “Connection” all week long.

With “Connection,” Andrews blends wisdom with optimism. She proves that one can grow up without growing jaded by the norms of adulthood. When she sings, “Finding time when we have it, if you lose me, don’t panic,” her positivity is infectious, and it’s reflected in the arrangement. A chugging electric guitar drives the verses and builds excitement before the choruses burst with crashing cymbals and stacked harmonies. It’s anticipation and reward in pop-rock form that exudes clarity and levity. 

The production on the song, particularly on Andrews’ vocal, furthers the dynamic. The hushed verses are made closer to whispers, with each syllable soft and clear. On the chorus, her belted vocals are given extra resonance. The way her voice lingers after each line makes her sound certain when she declares, “We’ve got a good connection.”

With each track on her latest album, Modern Age, Andrews hints at nostalgia and the changing times. In the second verse of “Connection,” she sings about “the things you missed – the soccer games and the bedtime kisses.” Her character is older now, married, and watching her children do things she used to do as a kid. She portrays a full-circle beauty that isn’t bogged down by fear of the future or contempt for the present. Instead, she embraces newness with a reverence for its place in her life story.

Hear Jill Andrews in concert at Nashville Sunday Night on October 22nd, and listen to “Connection” below:

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