Joy Oladokun (with Noah Kahan) – We’re All Gonna Die: Mel’s DJ Pick of the Week


Mel’s DJ pick of the week is “We’re All Gonna Die” by Joy Oladokun and Noah Kahan! “We’re All Gonna Die” is the second song from her upcoming record Proof of Life. Oladokun pushes the genres of folk, r&b, roots rock, and pop with her moving voice and authentic songwriting. Originally from Arizona, Joy was encouraged to move out to Los Angeles after graduating college. After visiting Nashville, she fell in love with the atmosphere and decided to make Music City home. Joy is now a guiding force in the local scene.

The track is a contrast of joyful melodies and nihilistic lyrics grappling with fears of demise. Lyrically she acknowledges death as a part of the human experience and suggests that everyone is living the only way they know how. The two potentially tap into satire, helping to make light of these heavier themes. The chorus is the spine of the song, “We’re all gonna die tryna figure it out, We’re all gеttin’ high any way we know how We’re ovеr our heads, so I’ll say it out loud, We’re all gonna die tryna figure it out.” It is such a simple, optimistic take on the common humane fears of existentialism.

Melodically the piece opens with a lively string melody and then cuts straight into the verse with tight drums and a backing guitar rhythm. Holding a solid structure throughout, the chorus is the focal point with swinging drums and electric guitar details. The blend of voices is ear candy with soft, soulful nuances and emotive grit.

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