Kaci Bolls Kids: Community Corner

Kaci Bolls Kids Community Corner

For this episode of Community Corner, Bill Fondren is joined by Kaci Bolls and Nathan Meckel. The two cowrote “Dare To Be Me,” a song by that went to number one on Sirius XM’s station Kids Place Live in 2020. Now, Kaci and Nathan have decided to adapt the tune into a book.

Kaci founded Kaci Bolls Kids, an organization designed to educate and entertain kids, back in 2020. As a kindergarten teacher, author, and artist, Kaci is determined to teach the children of today to love others and to love themselves as they are. Kaci and Nathan are a creative force, using music and books to inspire both children and adults. Their message of kindness, authenticity and confidence can reach kids all over the country.

If you are interested in helping spread the message, click here for more information about Kaci Bolls and her organization, passions, and work. Listen to Bill, Kaci, and Nathan discuss “Dare To Be Me” and Kaci Bolls Kids here: