Kelsey Abbott “Night Vision Goggles”- Local Artist of the Week

Kelsey Abbott Night Vision Goggles

Our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week is Kelsey Abbott, with her latest single, “Night Vision Goggles!”

Nashville-based indie artist Kelsey Abbott began releasing music in 2019 with her debut EP, Dreaming With My Eyes. This EP has a more simple, acoustic-folk feel to it. However, with her newest release, it’s clear that she’s pushing herself to experiment more with her sound. We had the pleasure of having Kelsey as a finalist at Lightning100’s Music City Mayhem in 2022. You can watch her performance here!

In “Night Vision Goggles,” Kelsey’s beautiful storytelling lyrics float on top of the grunge tones of an electric guitar and drums. This song is the anthem for hopeless romantics- it gives a voice to the thoughts that we might be too scared to say out loud. The idea of having night vision goggles to see somebody for all they are, even when it’s dark in the middle of the night, is such a unique concept that Kelsey Abbott has brilliantly executed.

Check out “Night Vision Goggles” below!

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