Maddie Glumsic- “Butterfly”- Mel’s DJ Pick of the Week

Maddie Glumsic Butterfly

This week, Mel’s DJ pick is “Butterfly” by local artist Maddie Glumsic. This new release draws you in with a mellow, yet enchanting melody and will keep you hooked within its storytelling.

“Butterfly” was released on August 11th as the first single off of Glumsic’s newest project, coming next month. This track is all about the difficulty of finding comfort in change. The theme is beautifully depicted through the lyrics and performance provided for the listener. The light and airy harmonies throughout the chorus provide a satisfying contrast to the longing, melancholic lyrics, such as, “Being restless ain’t so bad when your heart’s already painted black.”  

The internal rhymes in the second verse build up to the second chorus, keeping a strong flow to the song. This provides a counterpart to the consistency of the simple, yet captivating chord progression.

“Butterfly” is an alluring & enthralling start to Maddie Glumsic’s musical journey, and makes for a perfect autumn listen.

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