Margo Cilker “I Remember Carolina” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

Margo Cilker I Remember Carolina

This week Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “I Remember Carolina” from singer songwriter Margo Cilker. Margo had a western upbringing in the suburbs of San Francisco and then lived in Enterprise, Oregon where she wrote her sophomore album Valley of Heart’s Delight. While working on her second album she got producer Sera Cahoone and musician Jenny Conlee-Drizos back in the studio to create her successful followup. 

On the new album, “I Remember Carolina” is a must-listen country track about how she had to watch her hometown change over time. The song opens with Margo’s country folk vocals that reminisces about how things used to be. She refers to a place she can’t return to in her lyrics, “And I remember California, San Francisco Bay, all my buddies live in Oakland.” As the track continues, her country twang vocals match perfectly with the folk melodies that resemble Woody Guthrie’s sound. If you’re feeling homesick and need a country folk tune to find comfort in, this is the perfect song for you.

Listen to “I Remember Carolina” below!

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