Matthew Logan Vasquez “Can You Turn Me Up” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

Matthew Logan Vasquez

Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Can You Turn Me Up” from Matthew Logan Vasquez. There is no doubt that this high speed track is one of the highlights on his new record.

Matthew Logan Vasquez is a versatile and eclectic artist that isn’t afraid to create the next big hit. Akin to artists Kurt Cobain and Neil young, he knows how to pack a punch. He started as the Frontman of indie-rock band Delta Spirit but he shines in his solo music. In As All Get Out, his latest album, his heartfelt storytelling and raw passion come together in beautiful harmony.

The beat and tempo of “Can You Turn Me Up” are ramped up right from the start. Rolling in with heavy drums, it feels like you’re in a car chase. You’re left on the edge of your seat by the fiery solos, electric riffs, and compelling lyrics. The track feels nostalgic, almost inspired by legendary rock songs. It’s clear that Vasquez isn’t afraid to put his heart out on the line with his music.

Catch this amazing artist playing at 3rd and Lindsley October 1st on Nashville Sunday Nights! Get your tickets here. In the mean time, listen to his newest track below!

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