Meg Elsier “i.s.f.” – Steph’s DJ Pick of the Week

Meg Elsier

Steph’s DJ pick of the week is “i.s.f” by Meg Elsier. With this debut single, Meg Elsier asserts her place amongst the aspiring alternative crowd.

With lyrics like, “I gave everything up, including myself,” Elsier taps into the search for identity we all crave. Paired with imagery of cathedrals and that which is sacred, she paints a familiar picture of failed atonement. The second chorus serves as a moment of pause and reflection. For a moment, the instruments go quiet, leaving Elsier’s voice floating with just a synthesizer behind it. The meaty electric guitars and powerhouse drums then make a sharp return; they represent the weight that tugs at what could otherwise be a jubilant voice. 

Meg Elsier’s bringing the power of her voice to the East Room on October 13th. Hear more from her there and check out the music video for “i.s.f.” below.

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