Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway “El Dorado”- Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week

Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway El Dorado

Jayson’s DJ Pick this week is “El Dorado” by Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway! If you’re a fan of both bluegrass and storytelling, then this song was made for you.

Molly’s band, Golden Highway, joined her in 2022 for the release of their album, Crooked Tree. Now they’re back, having just released their album, City of Gold, where “El Dorado” serves as the strong opening track.

The song opens with a fun banjo lick, immediately followed by a twangy first verse. Molly’s tone has such a longing in it. She ends her phrases with a whine that leans into the next word, moving the story along with her voice. Between the plucky bass, the dryness of the fiddle, and the lyrics that could paint a picture in your mind, “El Dorado” is the perfect blend of all things Americana.

Be sure to check out “El Dorado” and the rest of City of Gold, and catch Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway on tour this fall!

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