Multi Ultra – “Switch It Up”: Local Artist of the Week


This week’s Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week is our Music City Mayhem 2023 winners Multi Ultra! We will be playing their song, “Switch It Up.”

An independent alt-rock band, members include Derrick Wesley, Nolan Brown, Chris Bevacqua, and Chrystian Kaplan. Inspired by artists such as Cage the Elephant and The Killers, Multi Ultra brings high energy and excitement to each and every performance. Recording at Blackbird Studio and featured on multiple radio stations, its only a matter of time until they are no longer our hidden gem.

With playful lyrics and killer guitar solos, “Switch It Up” will have you moshing and headbanging all night long. Heavy drums bring the song to another level, adding an element of punk-rock and fueling the liveliness of the track. The cadence of Wesley’s vocals build upon cheeky verses, making for a memorable and catchy tune. So, put on your headphones, play your best air guitar, and get rockin’ to “Switch It Up.”

If you liked their set at Music City Mayhem, you can relive it over on The615 archive!

Tune in to 100.1 FM and all week to hear “Switch It Up” by Multi Ultra, our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week.

Photo Credits: Josh Rish, @vonrphoto