Nation of Language “Sole Obsession”- Steph’s DJ Pick of the Week


Steph’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Sole Obsession” by Nation of Language!

“Sole Obsession” was the first single off of Nation of Language’s 3rd album and latest project, Strange Disciple. The Brooklyn-based band is bringing us a futuristic version of indie pop. Gaining the attention of musicians such as Adam Green & Tomberlin, Nation of Language is a name you’ll want to get familiar with.

“Sole Obsession” is a time capsule from the 80s blended with unique modern touches. This synth-filled song features Richard Devaney’s lush vocals, followed by some spoken lyrics on top of the melody. The hook in the chorus, “My sole obsession, finally I feel it fading, walk me home and walk away,” is mesmerizing token for the ears. This song is the soundtrack to nostalgia. If you’re wanting a dreamy, 80s-inspired tune to listen to, look no further.

Listen to “Sole Obsession” below!

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