“Obvious” The Drums – Mel’s DJ Pick of the Week


Mel’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Obvious” from The Drums. This transformative single is apart of his forthcoming sixth studio album.

Johnny Pierce, founding member of The Drums, has been making music for almost fifteen years. The group has released five studio albums since 2008 that are filled with melancholy pop tracks. A kaleidoscope of sound, The Drums are not afraid to create addictive music. This single only builds upon the bands amazing repertoire of dreamy vibe-driven songs.

An emotional, fast-paced, and introspective hit, “Obvious” is quickly becoming a summer staple. As a powerful reminder, Pierce’s song reminds us that love is all around us, even when we don’t realize it. This song is a nod to the idea of letting go of the past in order to be able to see the good things in the present. Featuring soft electric guitars and reverb, this song is fun and hopeful. Never what you expect, The Drums have yet again released compelling track. It leaves us on the edge of our seats for their forthcoming album.

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