Portugal. The Man – “Dummy”: Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week

Portugal. The Man

Keith’s DJ pick of the week is “Dummy” by Alaskan experimental pop group Portugal. The Man. The seven-member group formed in 2004 and has released eight studio albums since. Touring internationally and claiming their first grammy with “Feel It Still,” the group has seen much success over the last two decades. After a brief hiatus, their ninth album Chris Black Changed My Life, is set to release later this year on June 23rd. “Dummy” is the first single from the anticipated record.

An ode to living in the moment, “Dummy” is a refreshing dose of newness. With a driving bass line, puzzle-piece drums, and scaling piano, the band explores new territory while delivering their signature sound. The track is meant for the dancefloor with absorbable melodies and large group vocals. “Dummy” invites the audience to dance as if it’s the last night on earth. The cinematic chorus hook, “One, two, three, four/ Everybody get on the dance floor/ Five, six, seven, eight/ I pray the Lord my soul to take,” illustrates an apocalyptic dreamscape for the modern listener. Hypnotic, euphoric, and cathartic, “Dummy” is two minutes of pure utopia.

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