Rahill (Feat. Beck) – “Fables”: Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


This week Stephanie’s DJ pick is “Fables” by Rahill, featuring Beck! From Lansing, Michigan, Rahill Jamalifard has an eclectic sound, experimenting with a range of concepts. She is a member of the band Habibi, a rock band from New York. Releasing solo music from a more personal lens, her upcoming album Flowers At Your Feet reflects on her childhood and family life. Growing up in an Iranian/American household, influences from both cultures make their way into the album including maps of Shiraz and Isfahan, as well as memories from her adolescence.

Released on March 29, 2023, “Fables” is a psychedelic pop song that captures the “jubilation and bliss,” as Rahill puts it, of a summer drive through the mountains near her home in New York. The song features musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer Beck who helped her with the album. Beck adds just the right amount of harmonies to compliment Rahill’s voice making for an almost ethereal track. The music video includes visuals of beaches, dollhouses, and gardens. Directed by Irie Calkins, the imagery is just as enchanting as the song itself. Dreamy, mesmerizing, and magical, “Fables” is the perfect release to listen to as we transition into warmer weather.

Listen to the full album Flowers At Your Feet on May 12th!

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