“Ranch vs. Ranch” Speedy Ortiz – Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Ranch Vs. Ranch” from Speedy Ortiz. This track comes from their long-awaited fourth studio album “Rabbit Rabbit” which hit shelves just last week.

Evolving their sound since 2012, Speedy Ortiz establishes a signature unpredictability within “Rabbit Rabbit.” The album was recorded between the deserts of Joshua Tree, CA, and Tornillo, TX, and its sound eerily reflects that environment. “Rabbit Rabbit” is the first album from Speedy Ortiz to feature their longtime touring band members on bass and drums. The addition creates a sound for “Ranch Vs. Ranch” that’s so heavy that it could fill the desert air.

“Ranch Vs. Ranch” is reminiscent of true desert rock, painting a SoCal scene with dry, sandy guitars and heavy-hitting vocals. A smooth, winding melody throughout the verses whips into a sandstorm for the chorus, leaving the listeners burnt by a lasting lyric like, “Fly by, killer killer.” Littered with witty one liners, songwriter Sadie Dupuis showcases her intensity and fire throughout this track. Much like the desert sand, “Ranch Vs. Ranch” is coarse, mountainous, and bright golden. Listen to the track here:

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