Shakey Graves ft. Sierra Ferrel “Ready or Not” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Ready or Not” from Shakey Graves featuring Sierra Ferrell. This folk artist collaboration is a lively track perfect for the weekend.

Alejandro Rose-Garcia, the musician behind Shakey Graves, hails from Austin, Texas. Since his album debut in 2011, he has created diverse and groundbreaking music. He has released four albums with the most recent being Deadstock featuring 16 original tracks, including live recordings. From lovely strings to creative vocal layers, he has a unique take on alternative-folk music. It’s safe to say that Graves isn’t afraid to experiment with different sounds.

Released in February of 2022, “Ready or Not” has a playful beat to it. In the song it’s clear that Shakey Graves and Sierra Ferrell have incredible musical chemistry. Their layered harmonies throughout the song blend well together, yet they both shine as individual artists. Graves can have a deep, graveled tone and switch quickly into a smooth tenor. All of this combined with some fun slide guitar and crisp drums create wonderful track.

Listen to Dan’s DJ Pick below!

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