Ren Richards “Myself With You” – Local Artist of the Week

Ren Richards Myself With You

Lightning 100 presents Ren Richards as our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week with her hit song “Myself With You.” Ren Richards began her career as the lead of a popular metal band in Florida. In 2018 after teaching herself guitar, she packed her bags and moved to Music City. Richards has grown as an artist since then and has advanced in her craft by writing in a multitude of different genres. 

The track “Myself With You” is an inspirational indie pop tune where she opens up to her audience. With the heartfelt lyrics, “I am not open as I once was, not as free, when I feel your touch I believe,” she shares how her partner makes her feel like herself again. This song has an uplifting melody and bright vocals that express the freeing feeling of being yourself. Listen to “Myself With You” all week and be inspired to live life as the truest form of your inner self.

Listen to “Myself With You” below!

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