Ron Gallo – “Foreground Music”: Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ pick this week is “Foreground Music” by Ron Gallo! This track dropped as the title song off his album FOREGROUND MUSIC, which came out early last month.

Originally from Philadelphia, Gallo found inspiration from an early age in roots rock and garage punk. The singer first began playing guitar and writing music as a teenager, forming several bands throughout high school and playing their first gigs around South Jersey. Throughout his college years, Gallo formed the band Toy Soldiers which released 2 albums and toured around the country. The Toy Soldiers were just beginning to make a name for themselves when the singer ultimately decided to pursue a solo career. After relocating to Nashville, Gallo began assembling a new band that honed in a more distinctive, old-school punk rock sound reflecting his early influences. Since then, his career began to take off during the 2020 pandemic through his live-stream concerts, eventually signing a deal with Kill Rock Stars.

“Foreground Music” is an ode to existential crisis, sonically a chaotic and experimental blend of indie rock and alternative genres. The production is driven by several electric guitar riffs and accented by engaging synth melodies. Lyrically the song questions reality and its mayhem, ultimately portraying how confused and overwhelmed Gallo is by society. With lines like “Will any of this matter in one year? Did it ever? What do you wanna eat tonight?”, the singer describes feeling desperate for answers in a world that doesn’t have many. Overall, the track is an angsty yet realistic depiction of what we’re all thinking.

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