Saint Motel “Everyone’s A Guru Now” – Mel’s DJ Pick Of The Week


Mel’s pick of the week is “Everyone’s A Guru Now”, a lively tune by Saint Motel. This track just dropped May 5th, the first new music release since their 2021 album The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

The cinematic nature of Saint Motel’s music is no surprise considering the history of the band. Forming after AJ Jackson and Aaron Sharp met at film school in Southern California, Saint Motel has been pushing boundaries with their music and visuals since 2007. In 2016, they became the first band to release an album with a virtual reality experience accompanying every track. Continuing to experiment with new technology, Saint Motel released the first ever augmented reality version of their album saintmotelevision. Since, they have continued to focus on both eye catching visuals and a distinctive sound they continue to hone.

“Everyone’s A Guru Now” features a bouncing piano track with theatrical orchestration, adding swinging brass that leaves the chorus stuck in your head. In regards to lyrical content, AJ Jackson, the vocalist, described the process. “The song started out with this tipsy piano saunter and grew from there. Around the time I was writing the song, a lot of people I knew had been reinventing themselves as “experts” and creating personas and courses. Perhaps some of that rubbed off on the lyrical matter.”

Tune in to hear “Everyone’s A Guru Now”. Stay updated on all new releases and tour dates via his website here. Check out “Everyone’s A Guru Now” on YouTube below:

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