Sarah Jarosz “Jealous Moon” – Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week


Jayson’s DJ pick of the week is “Jealous Moon” by Sarah Jarosz. With this first single off the forthcoming album “Polaroid Lovers,” Jarosz sets high expectations. The track packs a punch, with support by Tom Bukovac on guitar and organ, Fred Eltringham on drums, and her husband- bassist Jeff Picker, among other prominent musicians. The intro riff, reminiscent of Walk the Moon, screams pop-rock, until Jarosz’s feminine, twangy vocal emerges. It’s a dichotomy that brews an Americana blend which is as fun as it is evocative. 

It’s a fusion of genres that reflects a duality in Jarosz’s lifestyle. She spent several years in New York City, but now resides in Nashville with her husband. The east coast shines in the electric guitar interlude; it evokes the Jersey Shore sound from hundreds of miles away. The Nashvillian in Jarosz reveals herself with a blistering acoustic guitar solo that insists the other instruments take the back seat.

Jarosz presents a moment of solitude within the chorus, as she sings, “Under a heartbreak sky, baby I don’t know why, I flew away too soon […] leave me alone to fly, under a heartbreak moon.” It’s a lyric that isn’t meant to be sad, but rather, melancholy. Jarosz clarifies this subtext by explaining, “it’s not about the end of a relationship, but rather, a moment of self-reflection and a promise to keep showing up even when things get tough.” 

You can listen to “Jealous Moon” by Sarah Jarosz below.

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