Scott McMicken and THE EVER-EXPANDING – “Reconcile”: Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

Scott McMilken

Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Reconcile” by Scott McMicken and THE EVER-EXPANDING! As a founding member of Philadelphia’s Dr. Dog, McMicken is keen on exploring and evolving new sounds. Before their hiatus in 2021, the band had released 10 delightfully diverse albums, experimenting with fresh sounds and innovative songwriting. On the side McMicken quietly made individual projects on his own label, Press On Records, via cassette and vinyl. Shabang, which was released on March 31, 2023, via ANTI-, showcases some of his most uninhibited and daring music to date.

Shabang showcases some of the most experimental music of McMicken’s career, with a fusion of various genres including jazz, dub reggae, country, and bossa nova. “Reconcile” explores events of personal conflict similar to the other subjects on the record. These topics took shape from an electrifying underlying theme of joy that runs throughout the album. Each of the 13 tracks exhibits the enthusiasm of collaborating with multiple curious musicians. Reconcile is a fluid folk track flooding with complex instrumentation. McMilckens voice remains front and center, orchestrating his memorable sound.

Listen to “Reconcile” below!

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