Sheryl Crow “Alarm Clock” – Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week

Sheryl Crow Alarm Clock

Lightning 100 presents Rev’s DJ Pick of the week, “Alarm Clock” from the one we all know and love, Sheryl Crow. Sheryl Crow is a nine-time Grammy award winner and Rock n Roll Hall of Famer. She’s worked with many well acclaimed artists like Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, and Stevie Nicks; but her acclaim can only be attributed to her talents. This singer-songwriter made a name for herself with music that combines the best elements of rock, pop, country, folk, and blues. Fans can expect her 11th studio album Evolution on March 29th, and “Alarm Clock” is already getting fans excited.

“Alarm Clock” is a lively pop song to kick off your day. This track shares the annoyingly relatable experience of having a beautiful dream interrupted by the startling sound of your alarm. She sings, “that’s why I hate my alarm clock,” and we’ve all been there! The beginning opens with an upbeat electric guitar melody that rings true to the song’s namesake, it wakes you up! The feel good track is further energized with catchy production elements that will allow you to skip your morning coffee. This song is a great start to everyone’s day and gives excellent insight into the new album to come.

Listen to Alarm Clock below.

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