Silversun Pickups “I’m The Man” – Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week


This week’s DJ pick from Rev Comes from Silversun Pickups and their new song “I’m The Man.” This song is a Joe Jackson’s 1979 cover, and it makes a notable appearance in Netflix’s second season of Lincoln Lawyer.

Silversun Pickups is an Alternative rock band from Los Angeles. They formed in 2000 with bandmates Brian Aubert, Nikki Monniger, Christopher Guanlao, and Joe Lester. The band’s name comes from a liquor store across Silverlake Lounge in LA. It is described as being a “state of mind” rather than a literal name. Silversun’s full debut album was released in July of 2006 and have since released six more with 19 singles. The band’s sound is a mix between shoegaze, alternative rock, and punk revival.

While the song is a cover of Joe Lester’s song of the same name, the tune sounds similar to songs made by The Romantics. It notably sounds similar to their 1979 hit “What I like About You.”

Be sure to check out “I’m The Man” Below!

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