Slow Pulp “Doubt” – Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week

Slow Pulp Doubt

Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Doubt” from Slow Pulp!

Their latest record, Yard, hit shelves on September 29th of this year, but “Doubt” released earlier this summer as the album’s third single. Laying the foundation for themes of insecurities and trust in others throughout the album, the track begs for validation. Lead singer Emily Massey says the song comes from “a familiar negative space” of self-doubt and anxieties.

Emily Massey craves validation through “Doubt,” but not in a good way. Her lyrics beg to be put down in all the areas that she already feels negatively about herself; to see validity in her insecurities from others telling her so. Her lyrics hold subtle melancholy undertones as she picks parts of her personality to dismantle. Staying in a speak-sing register, Emily’s vocals are reflective of her state of mind. Paired with the poppy “doo doo doo’s” of the chorus feels ironic, much like her “need” to be put down.

The band’s classic sound is perfectly showcased in this track. It’s a sound that’s made Slow Pulp one of the biggest names in modern indie. Backed with an upbeat jam from the rest of the band, the message is easy to lose, but once you hear it, it’s loud and clear.

Listen to “Doubt” from Slow Pulp here:

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