Suki Waterhouse talks summer plans and gives us a Bonnaroo bracelet tour


DJ Mel got to talk to Suki Waterhouse backstage at Bonnaroo 2023. Just hours after the artist’s arrival, they talked about her first impressions of the festival, her busy 2022 and what’s next.

The British artist is multitalented, and has done work in film, television, modelling, and, of course, music. Waterhouse has been releasing singles for years, and her first ever full-length projects released just last year. In May of last year, she released her debut album, I Can’t Let Go. The Milk Teeth EP, released last November, is largely comprised of the singles she’s been releasing, going back to 2016.

The alt-pop artist shared that she’s been going to the English countryside often lately, renting out studios, hard at work on her second album. She said she’s looking forward to finding a studio somewhere warm to continue the work. This is all as Waterhouse travels for several other music festivals and performances starting back up in August, from Lollapalooza to Austin City Limits.

Check out the full interview below!