Suki Waterhouse – “To Love”: Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


Stephanie’s DJ pick this week is “To Love” by British singer-songwriter Suki Waterhouse. This retro, indie-rock jam recently dropped in early March, following her 2022 album I Can’t Let Go.

Known for being a model and actress, Suki Waterhouse grew up in London and was originally pursuing a modeling career. She was discovered at sixteen, and had cultivated appearances in prominent fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle by the time she was twenty. It was around this time that Waterhouse landed her first film role, gradually building her resume and making a name for herself in the film industry. She quickly began making waves in the music scene in the early 2020s, with several of her songs going viral. She landed a label deal in 2021 with the success of her early releases, “Brutally” and “Good Looking”. Ever since dropping her debut album in 2022, the multi-talented singer has been rising up as pop culture’s new it-girl.

Reminiscent of Lana Del Ray and Alanis Morisette, “To Love” takes on a dreamy, emotive production through the use of enchanting electric guitar riffs and ethereal layered harmonies. Waterhouse’s smooth, airy vocals beautifully tell the tale of falling in love with someone that makes it feel so easy. Lyrics like “We talk of how lucky we got, as we watched old lovers we dodged. While the world’s falling apart, you make you so easy to love” encapsulate the emotions of being intoxicated by love. Captivatingly clever, “Too Love” expresses the fiery passion of romance with ‘melancholic lyricism and energizingly melodic rock hooks’.

Local fans can catch Suki Waterhouse performing at the Bonnaroo festival this June, find tickets via her website here. Check out the lyric video for “To Love” on YouTube below:

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