Sun Room – “Outta Their Minds”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


“Outta Their Minds” is this week’s ONErpm Hitmaker Alert! Sun Room is a 4-piece surf rock band. The band consists of Luke Asgian, Ashton Minnich, Max Pinamonti, and Gibby Anderson. Formed in 2020, Sun Room is quickly making big name for themselves. They’ve had songs featured in Netflix’s Outer Banks and have opened for Louis Tomlinson and Inhaler! Sun Room is currently on tour with support from Hotel Fiction, 0 Miles Per Hour, and Willis. If you enjoy their discography, take a road trip and catch them at the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta on May 7th!

“Outta Their Minds” was released on February 24, 2023 on their EP of the same title. Incorporating lots of distortion on both vocals and guitar, this is one of their heavier tracks. While there are still remnants of surf, especially in the bassline, this song has more rock influences than others. Rebellious and cathartic, the tune pokes fun at older generations and their views on new music and bands. The chorus states, “You say the kids are losing their minds. You can’t keep up with the times. I’ll try and get more refined. But I don’t know.” With cheeky lyrics and and clever breaks in-between them, “Outta Their Minds” will have you and your friends moshing all throughout the song.

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