Taxiway “Vibekiller” – Local Artist of the Week

Taxiway Vibekiller

Lightning 100 is happy to announce Taxiway as this week’s Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week! “Vibekiller” is the latest track from the Nashville based dream-pop four piece.

The concept of Taxiway began back in 2020 as a solo project for guitarist, Michael Aurand. Like many artists of this time, the project was a product of COVID lockdown. Eventually, Taxiway began to operate as a full band in order to record their debut album, Absence, in 2021. Introducing Aurand’s wife on drums as well as another husband/wife duo to take on bass and guitar, Taxiway is complete. The band harnesses a familiar dream pop sound and fuses it with notes of shoegaze and Americana.

Their blend of genres is clear within “Vibekiller.” With deep, crooning vocals layered atop a sparkling guitar and droning synths, “Vibekiller” ironically creates its own perfect vibe. A slide guitar lingers in the high end, aerating the track and creating its ethereal aura. Aurand’s lyrics mirror the dreamscape of instrumentals, touching on themes of insecurities and isolation. This track is released in anticipation of Taxiway’s second full length album, This Is Permanent, which just hit shelves on December 1st. Listen to the track below:

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