The Aquadolls – “Sneaky”: Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week


Jayson’s DJ Pick of the week is “Sneaky” by the Los Angeles band, The Aquadolls! The Aquadolls met a decade ago, giving Melissa Brooks a means of expressing her inner turmoil. She set out to emulate Lady Gaga, although Brooks found her niche in rock music for those on the outskirts. As the band’s lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Brooks released the ‘Free’ EP in 2012, followed by her debut album Stoked on You, in 2013. After several lineup changes, the Aquadolls solidified their roster with bassist Keilah Nina and drummer Jacqueline Proctor. Their chemistry led to the release of their second album, The Dream and Deception, in 2018. Together, in recent years the Aquadolls have made significant strides in their career.

The Aquadolls’ upcoming album, Charmed, represents a logical evolution in their musical journey. “Sneaky” explores the anxiety that comes with the ambiguity of a romantic connection. Sonically, the track channels a sound similar to the Breeders and the likes of Veruca Salt. Featuring an overwhelming question of “Am I just your late-night sneaky link?” the song captures the uncertainties commonly associated with “situation-ships.” Produced by Chris Szczech (of the Goo Goo Dolls), the song is heavily guitar-driven, fitting the Aquadolls’ signature sound. The group is an ambitious female force in the post-punk bubble grunge genres.

Listen to “Sneaky” by The Aquadolls below!

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