The Kills “103” – Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week

103 The Kills

Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the week is “103” from The Kills! This was the first single released off the duo’s latest LP God Games.

Entering the scene in the early 2000s, The Kills have refined their sound over the years. With lead singer Alison Mosshart coming from punk bands like Discount and The Dead Weather, her edgy sound pairs perfectly with Jamie Hince’s fragmented guitar playing. God Games captures every element of The Kills’ mosaic of sounds: electronic synths, burning guitar tones, and low, ghostly hum from Mosshart.

“103” explores new sonic territory while holding true to their sound. Beginning with a low bubbling synth, and echoes of bright, electronic drums, “103” starts slow. As Mosshart continues to describe LA through imagery of fire and the sun, the guitar cracks and explodes into the chorus. Hince punches sharp, descending chords, leaving one note droning throughout. He creates an intense and heavy with a fuzzed and distorted tone. The low end seems to erupt and drives the track through the second verse, chorus, and all the way out. The slow build of this track paired with the drastic highs and lows make “103” a must-listen.

Listen to the “103” by The Kills below!

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