The National “Eucalyptus” – Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week

The National Eucalyptus

Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Eucalyptus” from The National. This popular American Rock band has a long history with the station. The National formed in 1999, and Two Pages of Frankenstien is their most recent release, already gaining international traction. With their widespread appeal, the band has the wonderful opportunity to feature a-list artists like Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers on the album. 

From the album, the song “Eucalyptus” really stands out. The song is creating the sorrowful feeling of a relationship ending and the couple trying to part ways. The National describes the situation of trying to let go of all the baggage you had together with that person. That being said, if you have experienced this in your life, this song will be relatable addition to your breakup playlist. The vocals sung by Matt Berninger really capture the feeling of having to let go, and the difficulty of moving on. Overall, “Eucalyptus” really shows off the talent that The National has and encompasses who The National are as artists.

Check Out “Eucalyptus” by The National Below!

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