“The Pool” Mayer Hawthorne – Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week is “The Pool” from Mayer Hawthorne. His first release since 2020, he takes a new angle on his music. Venturing into a psychedelic vibe, he has put his sound on a whole other level.

Penned himself, his entire catalog is layered and innovative, including 4 full-length albums over the past 13 years. The multitalented musician had his start in his hometown in Michigan DJing and making hip-hop beats. Now, with his foot in production, he has played almost every instrument on his records.

His newest release comes after a nearly 3 year hiatus. “The Pool,” written and produced entirely by Hawthorne, is striking and bold. The track takes you on adventure, like driving fast in the hot summer sun. Right out the gate, the song comes in with a speedy beat. Leading into a fun chorus that features horns, layered harmonies, and a warm guitar. Groovy, thrilling, and addictive “The Pool” is a must to spin during August.

Listen to Mayer Hawthrone’s newest track below!

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