The Pretenders “Let the Sun Come In” – Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week


Keith’s DJ pick this week is “Let the Sun Come In” by the Pretenders!

This song was released on May 11 as the lead single from the band’s upcoming 12th studio album, Relentless. It was written by founding member Chrissie Hynde and current guitarist James Walbourne.

Hynde, now in her 70s, sings about resisting growing older. The song’s lyrics succeed because they are so open to interpretation. On one hand, the narrator seems in denial, singing: “They even say that we must die / I don’t believe it, that’s a lie.” It can also be read as the determination to hold onto a youthful spirit. This is best seen in the chorus: “We don’t have to fade to black / let the sun come in.”

Musically, the song is just like the album it’s promoting: relentless. As soon as the song begins, it’s all in, with driving guitars and percussion that barely ever stop. In short, “Let the Sun Come In” is both a song of resistance and a song for having a good time. It embodies the spirit of alternative rock from when the Pretenders started out.

It’s impossible to listen to this song without imagining its potential to be so much fun when performed live. If you want to see the Pretenders, you’re in luck — they’ll be opening for Guns N’ Roses on select dates across Europe and North America this summer.

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