The Record Company “Roll With It”- Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week

the record company roll with it

Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week goes to “Roll With It” by The Record Company!

The Record Company has been trailblazing through the blues/americana scene since they began in 2016. Their debut album, Give It Back To You, earned a Grammy nomination and contains singles that gained traction on the AAA radio chart. After consistently releasing music for the past 7 years, they’ve narrowed down their focus for their newest album, appropriately titled The 4th Album. The Record Company worked on keeping a consistent raw, natural feel to their latest project. They replicated the authenticity of their first album by recycling the equipment and scrap instruments they used during the recording of Give It Back To You.

“Roll With It” is a song that urges listeners to keep your head up in times of self-doubt. This track is the rock-n-roll way of saying “That’s life.” The questions stacked in the verses are repeatedly answered in the chorus with “Gotta roll with it, keep on going.” It makes this song feel hopeful and matter-of-fact. “Roll With It” is a timeless rock hit that combines existential lyricism with fun instrumentation. 

Check out “Roll With It” below!

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