TN Voices Advocating for Well-being: Community Corner


For this episode of Community Corner, we spoke with Rikki Harris, the CEO of the mental health organization TN Voices. TN Voices advocates for well-being by providing mental health insight and support for all Tennesseans. Being formally organized in 1990, their organization has been able to grow and help guide individuals toward mental health transformations.

This week we’re touching on life post-pandemic, seasonal mood changes, the effects of social media, and self-care. TN voices provides various services and resources for individuals of all ages. They support diverse communities by offering counseling, clinical services, and medication management. They understand the benefits of learning how to have a healthy connection to emotions at young ages and exist to help restore or continue fruitful connections in adulthood and all stages in between. Rikki encourages us that self-care is never selfish and is a necessary piece of self-understanding and mental well-being.

Listen to the full episode below to learn more about TN Voices and ways to support the cause.

In case of a mental health crisis, call (855)-274-7471. For more resources and information visit the TN Voices website at or call (615)-269-7751.