Toy Dinosaur “Anyway” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


This week’s DJ pick from Casey is from the local band Toy Dinosaur with their new song “Anyway!”

Toy Dinosaur is an Alternative/ Indie Pop duo from Nashville, Tennessee. It consists of musicians Brian Bob Young and Joshua Batstone. The band released their first single “Purple Afternoon” on Valentine’s day in 2020. During the pandemic, Brian and Joshua wrote their EP Perfect Hindsight over the phone or socially distanced. According to the band, this proved to be difficult, “Most of these songs were written/recorded whilst quarantined. It presented us with the strange but inspiring challenge of creating over the telephone or from 6ft away in a park.” In spite of these challenges, Toy Dinosaur has continued to release several singles including “Upstate New York” and “Grips Of Fall.” “Anyways” is one of the band’s newest singles released April of this year.

“Anyways” is a mellow song that feels like a summer afternoon in a park surrounded by friends. The ethereal nature of this song makes it the perfect addition to your “feel good” playlist. Be sure to check out “Anyway” below and let us know what you think!

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