Tré Burt “Santiago” – Local Artist of the Week


This week’s Frothy Monkey local artist of the week is Tré Burt!

Burt released “Santiago” on June 14th as the lead single for his upcoming third studio album Traffic Fiction out this October. Fans have waited over a year for new music since Burt’s last release in the spring of 2022. Since then, he has been on tour and even starred in a short film. Just like that last new song we got, “Know Your Demons,” Burt is seemingly moving toward a new sound. Previously solidly folk, these newer releases see Burt putting out upbeat indie-rock jams.

A casual listener happening upon “Santiago” could reasonably mistake it for something from decades ago if not for the lyric in the chorus mentioning 2022. It just strikes that balance between sounding like something fresh while taking from the best of older music. Overall, “Santiago” is a song that feels fun and has excellent lyricism and storytelling to boot. Just take this set of lyrics that place you right into the world of this song: “On the ancient steps outside of a cathedral in the summer light / You kept tappin’ your heel on the ground / Such a modern sound, I can hear it now / Semi-hollow, but it’s comin thru / Like passing tides.”

The nostalgic aesthetic of “Santiago” and its lyrics are on display in the official lyric video linked below. If you want to see Burt live, you’re in luck! Burt will tour North America in the fall, including a stop in Music City at The Blue Room. Make sure to tune in all week to hear “Santiago” by local artist Tré Burt!