Video Age “Away From The Castle”- Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week

Video Age Away From The Castle

Jayson’s DJ Pick this week is “Away From The Castle” by Video Age!

Video Age is a dreamy-sounding duo from New Orleans that’s pushing the boundaries of indie pop. Their new album, Away From The Castle, out on October 27th, is the musical documentation of the band’s self-proclaimed reinvention. Video Age focused on having their new project feel organic and authentic as it was being created. They’ve talked it up to be their most experimental & diverse album yet. With “Away From The Castle” as the title track, it’s the perfect glimpse into the rest of it.

“Away From The Castle” is a playful and twangy tune that transports us to a storybook-like setting. With lyrics that take us from the countryside to the bell tower at the top of a castle, it’s impossible to find a dull moment in the song. The chorus leads with, “Pull me back, let that slingshot set me free.” Not only is this the perfect line to obtain the track’s tasteful obscurity, but it also depicts the theme of the whole album- finding joy and freedom in starting over.

Listen to “Away From The Castle” and watch the official music video below!

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