Jess Nolan “Moss” – Local Artist of the Week


Lightning 100 announces Jess Nolan as our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week!

Nashville-based singer-songwriter, musician, and creative Jess Nolan is spreading sageness through “Moss” and several other tracks from her recent LP ‘93.

Born in New Jersey, Jess Nolan has become a jack of many trades. A skilled pianist, poet, and painter, her work is highly sought after in many fields. Touring for artists such as Jenny Lewis, Katie Pruitt, Joy Oladokun, and Lydia Luce, Nolan will occasionally step away from the big stage to mentor young women songwriters.6

’93 began its journey during the lockdown of 2020. Nolan, being forced to deal with the stillness of the time, started to use it to her advantage. Building her beloved backyard garden, spending times with family, reflecting on her psyche, lead to the foundation of her LP. Rooted in meditation, self reflection, and spirtuality, it explores relationships and rebirth.

Using only small amounts of processing, and recording live sessions, the album is quite grounded sonically as well as emotionally. Nolan’s engineer and many of her studio musicians were familiar faces. With appearances from the likes of Katie Pruitt and Kyshona, the project that much more intimate.

“Moss” is about the cycle of life. Returning back to nature and the new life that comes. Nolan acknowledges and accepts her inability to change fate, and joins natures unrelinquising fight to order. Soft haunting piano and vocals are complimented by a tight drum track, giving way to a spiritual and sentimental emotion impossible to avoid.

Listen to “Moss” below!

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