Rubblebucket “Stella The Begonia” – Steph’s DJ Pick of the Week


Steph’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Stella The Begonia” by Rubblebucket.

Rubblebucket is an alternative art-pop duo based in Brooklyn, New York. Consisting of frontman and trumpet player, Alex Toth and vocalist and saxophone player, Kalmia Traver, the two have been a band for over a decade.

Toth and Traver met while attending college in Vermont and formed Rubblebucket in 2007. After a run of successful albums and tours, notably the 2018 album Sun Machine, the two decided to split up and work on solo projects. However, in 2022, the duo rejoined Forced and released their fifth studio album Earth Worship. This track is the second single released from the group since the Earth Worship album, following the 2023 single “Teardrops”.

The song is a cute and quirky ode to Rubblebuckets plant Begonia, Stella. It starts a slightly melodramatic but quickly picks up into an upbeat summer song. It features honky brass and fantastic vocals. The song is perfect for a summer night, or the next time you need to praise your own plants at home!  

Listen to “Rubblebucket” below!

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