St. Vincent “Big Time Nothing” – Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week


“Big Time Nothing” by St. Vincent is Jayson’s DJ Pick this week!

Legendary singer-songwriter and guitar player St. Vincent is back again for another hit. Her new album release, All Born Screaming, has received outstanding reviews from critics, scoring an 88/100 on Metacritic. This album is completely self-produced but came together with features from other iconic musicians such as David Grohl and Josh Freese.

This album was already in the making after the release of her last, Daddy’s Home. Citing her personal experience with loss, Vincent states her artistic urgency comes from her awareness of death.

St. Vincent experments with several synths and mechanical drums in this piece. Her industrial influences, from creators such as SOPHIE, pair expectionally well with her classical training. St. Vincent has truly created a genre of all her own. Despite the rather livley and groovy instrumentals on the album, the lyrical work is raw and intense.

In “Big Time Nothing”, Vincent is ragging on the expectiations of society. “Do ask, but don’t tell, don’t laugh, but do smile /
Don’t have a glass, don’t stay a while / Don’t take a pic / Don’t feel so sick / Big time nothing.” Vicents blunt sarcasm of communty standards offers the audience a chance to reconsider their role. She rightfully mocks our current cultures ignorance of nature and animalistic behaviors.

Listen to St. Vincent’s “Big Time Nothing” below!

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