The The “Cognitive Dissident” – Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week


Rev’s DJ pick of the week is “Cognitive Dissident” by The The.

Brand new single from prolific group The The. UK based Matt Johnson’s project The The began in 1979 and has released 11 albums to date. The The began as the experiments and self-teaching Johnson engaged in underneath his parent’s pub in Loughton, Essex.

Matt Johnson has been in the game for a while now and knows how to make a record. Besides his time with The The, he has spent many years scoring for films and documentaries.

Originally conceived as a multi-media art collective, The The has always disregarded a traditional band mentality. Johnson has always wanted to emphasize soul in The The’s post-punk rock sound. This single is no different, with a driving, suspicious groove that takes the listener through the confusing landscape of the modern age. Johnson’s lyrics question how the internet and modern geo-political attitudes are changing the way humans interact and traditional understandings of what is normal.

The The’s “This Is The Day” was also recently featured in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack, leading to a new generation of fans to discover the band’s work.

“Cognitive Dissident” is the first single leading up to the September 6th release of Ensoulment, their first studio album in a quarter century.

Listen to “Cognitive Dissident” below!

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