the615 – 6/10/24


This week on the615, Casey introduces Mickey Commodore as our new Local Artist of the Week! We also heard tracks from Eva Cassel, Summer League, The Foxies and many more. Tune in every Monday and Saturday from 6pm to 8pm for the615! Special thanks to our sponsors Daddy’s Dogs and SAE Institute!

•Margo Price w/ Mike Campbell “Ways To Be Wicked”
•Babe and The Crystals “The Way You Love Me”
•Legit Smitty “Grudges”
•Dreaded Laramie “Where’s My Crystal Ball”
•Mickey Commodore “Are We In Love ” (Live)
•Joseph Shipp “Dig Deep”
•American Dream “Make It Real”
•Highway Natives “Hello Sunrise”
•Hello Darling “Daylight”
•Bullshark “Should’ve Known”
•Jacob Perleoni “Wilder Childer”
•The Foxies “Natural Disaster”
•Soccer Mommy “Lost”
•Calico Mantra “Infinite Void”
•Grace Bowers and The Hodge Podge “Tell Me Why You Do That”
•The Constellations “Save It For Somebody Else”
•Mercy “Laura Reed”
•Phillip-Michael Scales “Be My Own Man”
•Late Night Television “Go Getter”
•Marble Jets “Empire Of Love”
•Majeska “ILY2”
•Linda Dunnavant “Meet Me There”
•Laken Campo “Ghost”
•Stone Deep “Billy”
•Jonny Lucas “I Like It Like That”
•Stray Arcade “Can’t Complain”
•32 Draculas “Jealousy”
•Summer League “First Crush”