Monday Night Brewing “Taco Tuesday” – Brews In Bloom 2021


Yes. We’re still hung up on missing out on Mexican food on Tuesday. But we’re making up for it with the Monday Night Brewing “Taco Tuesday,” a delicious Mexican lager. It’s light and crisp, with a touch of sweetness. As you can imagine, it goes great with tacos, but it pairs great with other foods too! Like burritos. Or fajitas. Or enchiladas. Oh sorry, I forgot you were still here!

Today, Jason and Matt Leff of Rhizome productions had the pleasure of chatting with founder and brewmaster Jeff Heck about the Taco Tuesday’s flavor profile. We’ll be back tomorrow with another great springtime brew, but until then, check out the full video below. You can also catch our interviews live on the radio at 6:30am weekdays with a replay at 6:30pm. Salud!