Monday Night Brewing “Tears Of My Enemies” – Brews In Bloom 2021


No beer name strikes fear in the hearts of your adversaries like the Monday Night Brewing “Tears Of My Enemies.” But don’t get it twisted – this is the type of beer that will make you all kinds of friends when you bring it to the party. It’s a barrel-aged imperial milk stout. It comes in a few barrel variants: bourbon, rum, and apple brandy. Each gives its counterpart a set of unique characteristics that heighten its already-rich taste.

Today, Jason and Matt Leff of Rhizome productions had the pleasure of chatting with founder and brewmaster Jeff Heck about this perennial favorite from the Atlanta brewery. We’ll be back tomorrow with another great springtime brew, but until then, check out the full video below. You can also catch our interviews live on the radio at 6:30am weekdays with a replay at 6:30pm. Cheers!