Brews, Summer Style 2020: Ep. 2 – Rodenbach Alexander & Duvel Golden Ale


Rodenbach Alexander Red Ale and Duvel Single Fermented Belgian Golden Ale

Welcome back to Brews, Summer Style! Matt and Jayson are keeping things interesting this Tuesday with a 2-for-1 special. Today we’re making a Belgian double-feature with Rodenbach & Duvel.

Roeselare, Belgium at RODENBACH Brewery is where the story all begins. Rodenbach Alexander is the founder of this historic brewery, and this limited edition ale is a tribute to his legacy. Upon first taste, the beer mates find the sour cherries that make this special tradition worth celebrating for three centuries. One unique feature that enhances this trademark is the unexpected dry finish. This juicy plot twist comes from months of rest in oak barrels. It’s a tasty contradiction.

Next we travel 120km East of RODENBACH, here you will find it’s opposite- a golden ale from Duvel.

This refreshing Belgian ale has a character development that builds in its yeast. Matt describes it like a spice, something that separates American ale’s from these notable imports. The crisp and clean personality is what makes the Duvel Single Fermented Ale your best friend on any summer’s day. Our beer expert recommends looking for this one as you pack a cooler for a nice day on the boat.

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