Brews Summer Style 2020: Ep. 5 – Left Hand Gettin Tiki with it

Left Hand Brewing Getin Tiki With It Nitro Can
Left Hand Brewing Getin Tiki With It Nitro

Left Hand Brewing Gettin Tiki with it Nitro

Today on #BrewsSummerStyleMatt and Jayson take us to the Rockies with Left Hand Brewing Co. in Longmont Colorado. Consider this episode as an invitation to a great holiday weekend ahead!

Left Hand’s velvety Gettin’ Tiki with it is inspired by summer cocktails. This passport to paradise looks like a milkshake when poured, it smells of pineapple, and packs 7% alcohol content. This brew is unique and there isn’t much to compare it to on the market. Even beers with tropical flavors or added pineapple can’t compete with Left Hand’s take on the classic Piña Colada. Gettin Tiki with it stands out because one can delivers a satisfying buzz and it blends a signature summer staple in delicious beer form.

This Piña Colada Wheat Ale is the perfect companion for a long holiday weekend and makes a great addition to our #BrewsSummerStyle lineup. Watch the full episode if you’re not already convinced!

Be sure to check out Left Hand’s Gettin Tiki with it Nitro and let us know what you think! 

This summer season is brewed up by Rhizome Productions, Lipman Brothers & Lightning 100. Tune in every weekday through July 10th at 6:30 am or the replay at 6:30 pm for a new episode!

Written by: Madison Sharp