Holiday Hops 2020 Episode 10: Terrapin Mexican Style Chocolate Imperial Moo-Hoo


While we’re sad to bring this year’s edition of Holiday Hops, we’re glad that it means we are that much closer to sitting in front of the fire at home with our favorite brews. We’re closing out strong with a delicious stout from one of our favorite breweries out of Athens, Georgia – Terrapin’s Mexican Style Chocolate Imperial Moo-Hoo. This imperial stout takes chocolate beers to the next level by adding cinnamon and spice flavors that are reminscent of a Mexican mole sauce.

Unlike some other beers that we’ve featured, this one gives you a touch of heat without really being too spicy. That’s what makes it such a popular libation – and a hard to find one at that! Although you can pick this one up at the grocery store, you better move quickly! The Moo-Hoo is a very limited edition run so you’ll have to beat all the other beer lovers to the checkout aisle! Until next year, cheers from the Rhizome Productions, Lipman Brothers, and Lightning 100!